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About us

Lelini came about from the love of the sun, travel and moving into our 30's.

A friend had mentioned Silk pillowcases and its benefits but it was never given much consideration. 2 years later my  fiancé's Nomadic youth had caught up with her. Spending a lot of time in the sun had made her skin dry. She tried every face cream on the shelves and was not getting relief. It got me back thinking to the conversation about the silk pillowcases and I started my research. We tried various different pillowcases and it led us down the path to create our own

We learned about the types and weights of silk, manufacturing processes, worms used to produce the silk, history of the silk, where the best silk comes from in the world and read so many articles on the benefits. We spoke to silk businesses around the world and spent months sleeping on different variations . Finally after many great nights sleep we came up with our first product.

November 2016, we are ready to launch our first product under the Lelini brand, The Silk Pillowcase, which is available in multiple colours. This will be the first of many products.

Lelini Founder

Fabio Molle

Ps. Its great for my skin too :)

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