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Benefits of Lelini Silk

Say goodbye to bed head
How fabulous would it be to wake up with the same great hair you went to bed with?  Our silk pillowcases are the answer. Cotton is known to draw the moisture from your hair resulting in bed head each morning. Silk will keep your hair hydrated and protect against split ends. The added benefit of silk not conducting static electricity allows your nightly blow dry to last overnight.  See you later static Einstein hair. 

Crease free skin
When you sleep on the sides of your face at night your skin folds and creates a crease in the folded area which results in you looking tired and older. Our silk allows your skin to slide on our pillowcases resulting in crease free facial skin every morning. Standard pillowcases scratch your delicate skin which result in sleep creases. 

Locks mositure In
Cotton holds over 20x its weight in water which takes moisture away from your skin and hair. Natural silk has the same ph as your skin which helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated each morning. This gives your face a healthy, crease free appearance every day and stops your hair drying up. We recommend when you travel to not forget your lelini silk pillowcases so your face and hair stay hydrated.

Naturally hypoallergenic
The natural fibers of silk and its hypoallergenic properties make silk the ideal fabric for sensitive itchy skin. It reduces allergies triggered by dust mite, mold and other allergens. We use non-toxic dyes in our silk.

Sleepless nights tossing and turning will be a thing of the past.
Silk has temperature regulating qualities and is a breathable fabric which helps keep you cool in summer and warm when the cold sets in. It’s also a lifesaver for hot flushes.

We aim to make you feel like royalty and are certain that after using our lustrous product you will be non stop smiling.

Sweet dreams XXX


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